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Business Cash Advances

Cash Advances based on the value of your Accounts Receivable.

Oil Field
By Factoring my A/R's I was financially able to increase my trucking fleet transporting oil. Factoring North Dakota Client - Williston, ND
Oil Field
With the cash advance I received I was able to hire more qualified drillers to meet the demand. Factoring North Dakota Client - Williston, ND
Oil Field
The offered options and programs that specifically solved my cash flow problems. Factoring North Dakota Client- Williston, ND


We offer the lowest fees for cost of service
It takes only a few minutes to apply online
Approvals and Funds in as little as 2 days!!
Use your Cash Advances to improve your Cash Flow
Oil Drillers

Oil field & Gas services

CASH to maintain or repair your equipment

Oil Field


CASH to increase the size of your trucking fleets

Oil Field

Oil field drillers

CASH to secure you cash flow needs

Easy to Apply

W.Our Application is EASY to complete. SIMPLE information is required and protected by up to date online security practices. Through submittal you will be able to QUICKLY connect to our experienced and knowledgeable account representatives. You will almost immediately receive a response from us after the application is received.You may also email or call us. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about FACTORING NORTH DAKOTA. We want to assist your company as your source for FAST CASH.

Affordable Rates

Our fee for service is very low. You can receive up to 97% from the collateral or value of your ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE.
NO FEES TO APPLY. NO HIDDEN FEES within the qualifying to approval process.
Because we have been established in the factoring industry since 1969 our rates are highly competitive.

Your Cash Advance Resource

FACTORING NORTH DAKOTA is available to your company to specifically offer our factoring services to all businesses and industries. We already have history with companies related to the oil field and gas trades. You will receive immediate CASH ADVANCES from the value of your ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE we purchase from you and collect from your customers. We take the risk!
This CASH FLOW will secure the WORKING CAPITAL needed for day to day operations. You eliminate payroll worries and unexpected costs such as maintenance and repair of your equipment to hiring qualified workers and advertising costs.


It's all secure!

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